Covid-19 March 25 update

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The situation is changing daily, and so are we!

It’s been a week since we’ve closed our doors for regular service and have been operating as a take out window to our friends and neighbours. Thank you to everyone who has bought some food. Those of you, who have sent emails of encouragement, posted signs on our windows,  and commented on our social media channels, thank you. It lifts our spirits knowing you’re out there cheering us on.

I’ve had some time to reflect on why I’m keeping Provence open. As a chef, what I am first is a cook, providing food for friends, family, and guests is what I know how to do. In this difficult time, I want to provide food for our community who have supported Provence for so many years. I want to provide for my family and keep them safe. And for my staff, for those who aren’t currently working, I’m providing two meals each day for any of them who want it. We’re like a family, and family takes care of one another.

Of course I want to minimize the financial impact related to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I feel I would go a bit cuckoo if I weren’t keeping busy. What’s that saying about idle hands?

This week we’ve started giving a bonus $15 to all online Gift Certificate purchases of $60. That’s been helpful. We have also started a home cooking kit we’re calling French Food, Made Easy. If you always wanted to learn how to make your favourite dishes from Provence – now is the time. Pick up your prepared items, and cook them at home. You can follow along with me through our website.